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(american) n. 1970's

Schmiee is a term for marijuanic herb. It is based on reversing the sounds of "Smoke the Reefer" to "Roak the Schmieffer" or "Schmiee for short.

See also "Roak"
"Hey man, let's roak the schmiee."

"Hey baby, do roak the schmiee?" She asked blithely.
by Botendaddy February 17, 2009
American v. ca 1999

To terminate from employment for any reason.

To conduct mass layoffs.
Hey Jim got Schmieed yesterday because he was a lazy oaf .

Hey I heard that the company is going to do the Big Schmiee. I hope I don't get laid off.
by Botendaddy July 09, 2016
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