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(american) n.

1. A stupid, annoying, boring, bombastic person who won't shut up.

2. A television news story that is repeated again and again and again for no apparent reason.

3. An improvised chicken-related incendiary device, also known as a CRID.

The second definition of the term originated at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas in 2002 and the first and third definitions were launched in-country by Canadian and US Liaison officers from the Multinational Peacekeeping Force at Mostar Base in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2003.
1. That guy is an boring idiot, he won't shut the hell up, what a friggin' cockbomb!

2. Shoebomber Shoebomber, Shoebomber, why do they have to keep running this stupid story every day...shoebomb? What about a friggin' cockbomb?

3. Be careful, it's a marked minefield, you don't want to step on a friggin' CRID, eh?
by Botendaddy February 17, 2009

(american) n. 1970's

Schmiee is a term for marijuanic herb. It is based on reversing the sounds of "Smoke the Reefer" to "Roak the Schmieffer" or "Schmiee for short.

See also "Roak"
"Hey man, let's roak the schmiee."

"Hey baby, do roak the schmiee?" She asked blithely.
by Botendaddy February 17, 2009
A phrase which originated among Pittsburgh millworkers which means you ended up with nothing when you expected something.
What did the boss do when you asked him for a raise 'anat? That jagoff gave me E. Fucking Nothing. I wouldn't jag yer wires.
by Botendaddy May 20, 2010
v. (am.) The act of a female to harrass, annoy and disrupt the peaceful thoughts and quality of life of a defenseless male with incessant verbal badgering.
My mother/wife/daughter/niece/girlfriend budgered me so much on Sunday morning that I had to sneak into the woods to read the newspaper.
by Botendaddy May 25, 2011
Roak means smoke or smoky according to several reputable sources of the English language. It is derived from the Anglo-Saxon Germanic word Rieken, like the modern Rauchen 'To Smoke'. See Shakespeare's 'Roaky Wood'.
Roak is now used by young people to describe the inhalation of illegal hemp as in "Hey man, do you Roak the Schmiee?"
by Botendaddy December 12, 2008
American v. ca 1999

To terminate from employment for any reason.

To conduct mass layoffs.
Hey Jim got Schmieed yesterday because he was a lazy oaf .

Hey I heard that the company is going to do the Big Schmiee. I hope I don't get laid off.
by Botendaddy July 09, 2016
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