pronounced: SHMEE-OW
1. can be used as a greeting
2. can be used as a proper name
3. can be used to express astonishment, disgust, or happiness; generally used to express several words with just one one syllable word
What are you doing tonight SCHMEOW?
Person 1 would say: "You look aweful!"
Person 2 would respond: SCHMEOW!
Instead of saying, "That was AWESOME!" One would say, "SCHMEOW!"

by SCHMEOW May 06, 2007
Top Definition
'''Schmeow''' is a humorous term used to descibe Ketamine. Ketamine is an anesthetic that has been approved for both human and animal use in medical settings since 1970; about 90 percent of the ketamine legally sold is intended for use by cats. It can be injected or snorted.

Although Schmeow is a relatively new term, its origins can be traced to the house party/rave scene in and around the University of Arizona and the greater Tucson area. Its use began popping up in the Tucson area durring the spring of 2009. Schmeow's availability and affordability are greatly enhanced by the regions close proximity to the Mexican border.
Schmeow anyone?
by azdigitalpimp August 30, 2009
n. a party girl who is considerably promiscuous.

v. the act of hooking up
1. You hooked up with both of them!? You are such a schmeow.

2. I saw you guys leave together. Did you schmeow?
by schmeow meow August 29, 2011
Usings one's penis as a puppet.
Did he just schmeow at me?
He just schmeowed!
by HKP November 18, 2007
a word to described a clean, cute, and good smelling vagina.
"now that i shaved, my schmeow looks so good"
by maceface January 24, 2008
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