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When an extremely large penis swings at speed and hits your significant other on the cheek, making a hollow, schloppy noise.
"Dude, I schlopped her so hard, her head turned like a corkscrew!"
by schlopmeister July 10, 2008
The sound which is made when a very wet substance hits a durable surface at force. This sound would be most commonly heard when an extremely wet turd departs from your anus and hits the surface of the water at speed.
Bill: "I had an extremely wet turd this morning"
Henry: "Did it make a Schlop?"
Bill: "Yes, my arse is still moist"
by Nerd. December 04, 2007
to smack in the face with any squishy object containing water, providing a crowd w/ a humerous result.
Alex schlopped Marshal, sending Noah into jiggly hysterics.
The art of rubbing two penises onto each other so they go into each others foreskin. Named because it makes a 'schloping' sound.
Can also masturschlop but if you have long fingernails your foreskin might tear.
He schlopped so hard his foreskin ripped.
by vinhuh September 16, 2014
To Skeet On One's Feet
"Man I Schlopped On Jessica Last Night!"
by Mike Asdasd February 20, 2008

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