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1) A derogatory term with a meaning similar to slag or slut.

2) The sound made when breathing in sharply through your teeth in awkward situations.
1) "Payton is such a schlooze"

2) " 'I hate you Payton'

'Wow, thats awkward' *schlooze* "
by schloozer April 26, 2011
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1. A schlooze is a hot female (rated 6-7 out of 10), that would usually have many casual partners.

2. A very promiscuous women that acts very provocative.
T: "We should call Kristie later, and throw her a result, she's a massive schlooze"

K: "If you don't schlooze you loose."
by K & Tig November 28, 2013
oozing pus that comes out of your chode or schlort
booby was having ball sex and his chode exploded and all this schlooze camw out
by 0895678352-59670259678059 April 13, 2008

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