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Schleb (mass noun) may mean any of the following:

(1.) the name for an often-useless piece of information which adds no real contextual value to a conversation and/or is untrue. Such pieces of information may actually detract from conversation, or in rare cases, lead to illness and death (see (2)).

(2.) a term of originally medical slang, but now also as a degrading insult to describe a compulsive lier: such people find it eventually impossible to tell the truth if they have been afflicted with the condition for their entire life. Has been known to be linked with dementia. At the time of publication, no cure has been diagnosed.

(3.) (Archaic verb) to trick and deceive but without malicious intent. The word is an amalgamation and contraction of the verb "Shebulate," a word first seen in F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 work "The Great Gatsby."

Romanesque Latin: from "Slebbitus" meaning "dastardly, spiteful" and "Slebulus" meaning "deceitful" (noun). 16th C. and 20th C. use from Marlowe and Fitzgerald respectively. Also used by Top Gear presenter William Woollard on a 1983 show. Allegedly he found the word so appealing, he went on to name (or at least nickname) his son after it.
(1.) A: "Did you know I won a 1925 edition of a Ducati 175
Cruiser motorbike from a raffle ticket I found on the
inside of my can of Scotch?

B: "Well... Ducati wasn't founded until 1926 and you know it.
That's just complete schleb you're speaking!"

(2.) "I'm sorry madam... there's no hope for your son; he's
a Schleb."

(3.) "Anastasia, for the last time! You're shebulating with me
again! Right, that's it - I'm taking you to court to press
charges for sexual deviancy!"
by OED online October 19, 2010
A girl version of a girl on girl sleepover.
Those girls had a schlebs the other night.

Thats so hot.
by June 21, 2010
Lazy Butt: doesnt want ot do anything and complains about others to take blame from himself
Grew is a schleb, and doesnt want to take responsibility for his actions.
by pimpinpoma123 March 02, 2007
Someone so undeniably awesome that even M.C. Hammer can't touch him.
Man, look at all those people talking to him. He must be a Schleb.
by Not Schleb February 07, 2009
An ugly way of looking. having a double chin. not looking you're best. looking like crap.
ugh! i look like schleb in this picture!
by rockabilly roller August 10, 2010
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