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(n.)'SHlab' In reference to any particular item that is introduced or presented to a group of individuals in the gesture of a gift.
(v.)Schlabbin ('SHlab-n')
(vpt.)Schlabbed ('SHlab-d')
Noun(e.g.)Hey man, don't worry about not having any beer for the party because I have plenty of schlab for the both of us.
Verb(e.g.)I saw Zac schlabbin at the bar buying everyone drinks.
Verb(past-tense)I know David was being generous, but I do feel like he schlabbed too much of his stash for everybody last night.
by bmead23 February 10, 2010
v. Getting one's dick wet

n. The act of penetration, usually oral

Derived from the sound made by a hard cock on a wet set of lips
Bro 1: Did you bag that skeezer last night?

Bro 2: Nah dude, she's a teaser. I didn't even get schlabs!
by schlabmaster69 May 30, 2010

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