(n.): 1. (a) A topic or matter which does not reasonably need further public examination or discussion, yet is still discussed and examined as if it is a controversy or a travesty; (b) an action or attempted action inspired by such a contrivance. (origin: old Venetian 'schiavo'--slave; later became 'ciao'; possible link to 'shameful')
(a) The growing coverage of celebrity court appearances in informational news plants schiavos in the once-healthy garden of relevant facts and events. (b) When blogs produced by disgruntled hardliners surround interviews and findings with inflammatory rhetoric, a mass schiavo can sometimes result.
by maharito April 01, 2005
Top Definition
To feel hungry or starved.

Originated from the Terry Schiavo right-to-die debate, and it only went downhill from there.
I'm feelin' schiavo. Let's head to taco bell...
by Aaron Sine March 30, 2005
(v) to Schiavo - to manually turn off the computer by pulling the plug rather than going through the shutdown process.
Poncho: Hey, Bryan, the computer froze and I can't figure out how to fix it.
Bryan: Looks like you'll have to Schiavo it.
by Bryan Reier September 06, 2005
To drink or smoke oneself into a state of complete oblivion.
"Dan just got Schiavo'd, he had fourteen shots of Jack Daniels and took five bong hits"
by Justin Style June 20, 2005
(v.) To continue the life of something (whether it's a joke, a person, or something else) long after it's dead.
1. That show's been Schaivoing since Season 6.
2. My friend: Don't you think it's awful to make light of Terry Schiavo?
Me: Not at all.
by Bender Bending Rodriguez December 17, 2005

Terri Schiavo, the Florida women who became a vegetable when her heart failed due to a condition brought on by her eating disorder. She became the center of a media circus and political pawn when her parents fought against her husband in the courts to try to keep her alive (her husband contended that she wouldn't want to be kept alive in such a state.) Her husband won and her feeding tube was removed. On March 31, 2005 she died of starvation.
A person who is in need of a feeding tube to stay alive; a vegetable.
An act of posing as a vegetable or coma patient (often for a picture); "On three, everybody do the Schiavo!"
Vegetative; physically inactive; "He was so stoned he looked schiavo."
To be in need of a feeding tube.
v. intr.

Slang. To be extremly hungry; starving to death; “Lets eat, I'm totally schiavo”
by Dacarlo April 19, 2005
another word for marijuana, or a state of mind after smoking some dank. aka Terri Schiavo...
"Hey homie, you got any chronic?"
"I got that Schiavo."

"He smoked himself Schiavo"
by Jacob Juelz September 15, 2006
n. - A woman who, by way of an eating disorder and coma, brings attention to herself and her family.

adj. - Characterized by the look of either a mentally retarded individual or one in the vegetable state.

v. - To assume the look of either a mentally retarded individual or one in the vegetable state.
"Hey, look at the TV, it seems we have another Schiavo on our hands."

"Haha, check out this bum, he looks so Schiavo."

"OK everybody Schiavo on three, this is gonna be hilarious!"
by Chris April 10, 2005

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