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A Gypsy or Circus person. British version of trailer trash. Also a dialect used by pikeys which is a cross between English and Irish.
"I fuckin' hate pikeys"
by Dacarlo March 13, 2003
An upper class celebrity who attempts to solicit the admiration of the common person by pretending to have a cockney accent.
"Jesus that Jamie Oliver is such a cunt and a mockney cunt at that!".
by Dacarlo March 13, 2003
A slag term for a gay man who likes to put his cock up another mans anal passage. See ass bandit or arse bandit Also see gay
"That guy is a blatent bum bandit".
by Dacarlo March 13, 2003
A non descript exclamation which usually accompanies alot of hooting and whistling at whatever is causing the excitement. Most likely coined in the southern states of north America (eg Texas). Can also be used to punctuate traditional country and western music.
It might also be exclaimed by the rider of a bull or bucking bronco at a rodeo or their spectators.
Whilst at the rodeo the rider of the bucking bronco yelled;

by Dacarlo April 08, 2004
n. Vulgar Slang

1. A person who has a Phd in being a cunt. (i.e. doctOR - cuntOR)
"That Jamie Oliver is a right cuntor!"
by Dacarlo April 08, 2004
jerk1 ( P ) Pronunciation (ass-jûrk)
v. assjerked, assjerk·ing, assjerks
v. tr.

1. The fast and furious movement of the bowles.
2. The conjoining of asshole and jerk indicating very poor behavior.
3. I was driving along the road when I got assjerked but some crap driver.
4. Those guys are such a group of assjerks.
"That lame PKer is such an assjerk!"
by Dacarlo August 05, 2005
The ejaculation produced from a males penis when he reaches orgasm.
"I shot my bollock custard all over her face".

"She swallowed my bollock custard".

by Dacarlo March 13, 2003
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