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little more than barely legal girls trying really really hard to be debbie harry (although her song "rip her to shreds" describes an early version of the "scenester" girl--but they probably don't know that because the only songs they know are "Call Me" and "Heart of Glass")
OR guys in their early 20's who have either no facial hair or a really stupid looking beard and/or mustache...AND they like to show off their buttcracks when they lean over the bar in their tight-ass pants.
in cleveland the scene kids all do the girls' pants, white belt thing.
Girls almost always wear black and white striped things, footless tights, really ugly flats that don't match their outfits (on purpose), and yes, way too much makeup. They also tend to try and look very "80's" even though they were born at the very end of the decade and know nothing about the culture at that time except for what they see in the movies, which is over-the-top just like them.
Guys wear strictly the black and white lowtop converse, look like their hair was cut by their 4 year old sister, and usually claim to be bisexual.
Actually, that goes for both guys AND girls.
So does frequenting 80's nites of all kinds. The coolest scene kids are on the dance floor, usually standing in one place and moving their arms a little bit (guys) or dancing together trying to make people horny (girls). The girls usually wear spike heels and legwarmers when they go to 80's nite.
Scene kids smoke Camels because the Camel reps in town are also "scenesters" (tall, slightly nerdy looking guy in dark glasses and borderline dress-up clothes with his cute little asian girlfriend who wears just about anything)
They drink PBR almost exclusively (that is, if they are old enough to drink at all).
If they are not at 80's nite they can usually be found at one of the upscale outdoor malls near their home (most likely their parents' home as well) where they can shop at urban outfitters and h&m (so annoying...there is so much stigma attached to both stores now which is really too bad--damn kids!)
Yes, kids. That's the operative word here. True "scene kids" usually are not any older than 21.
Thank GOD most people grow out of that phase eventually!
by ginger st. vitus January 19, 2007
A word adopted by Emo kids, who are annoyed about the fact that, GOD ALMIGHTY, someone else has the same plastic neon beads as them, and therefore they are "blatantly scene".

It's just a label so that when someone feels their so called "individuality" threatened by another emo, they can class them as "scene kids" and everything is all brilliant.

Also, the term scene can be used by TOTALLY HARDCORE emo's, who want to be SO FRIGGIN emo that they are like, actually BEYOND, and tada, they become "to scene for your ass". And it's suddenly all about how scene they are because christ, you would never catch them wearing drain-pipes, since they are actually not retro at all, and all the other less scene kids are wearing them to impress the emo kids that actually classed them as scene kids in the first place.

Yeah, basically. Scene kid's aren't the problem, it's the few emo's who are way to big headed to admitt someone else might have a clothing and music taste as carefully designed, copied and obviously "totally individual" said Emo.
Average Jo: Hey, did you see Kelly was wearing totally cool footless-tights the other day.
Arrogant emo girl: Friggin scene kid. She's only doing it cause it's "emo".
Average JO: I thought you had a pair?
Arrogant emo girl: I do, god, see what I mean about copying, friggin Scene kids.
by The Mona Lucy November 06, 2006
Scene kids usually all look alike and have the same hairstyle. They don't have their own style, even though some girls say they do.

Female scene kids usually have choppy hair or hair that resembles a huge mullet. They wear little girl clips and are obsessed with eyeliner. They are also obsessed with little kid stuff. They wear skinny jeans with stripped shirts. A lot of the times they wear little kid shirts. They wear flats, leggings, and stripped socks. They always have a picture of them in this certain pose. Their mouth would be opened like they're surprised. They take pictures with the camera high above their side so you could only slightly see the side of their face. They usually have their mouth to the side or make stupid "ugly and cute" facial expressions. The pictures are always photoshopped of course.
come to the show with me ily!! && give me fruity pebbles they make me smile ♥♥ lol rawr scene kid
by Rosanna Marie October 26, 2006
They all have big noses. They try to dress to stand out of the crowd. They all deny they are scene kids, just to apparently not look like a poser but they all are because they're insecure and uncertain. they have dead dyed hair and have to straighten their hair all the time. Sometimes the chicks curl it but only occasionally. Popular key terms that are familiar that come with this scene kid includes but not limited:
side kick, hair bow clips, flashy jewelry, salon done nails (for the higher stuck up scene chicks) slick straight hair, greasy hair (for the trashy trashy scene kids), messed up teeth(for the insecure high colored dressed scene kids) BIG OR ODD ODD ODD NOSES, maybe a small poor puppy (stuck up scene again), teased hair, hello kitty, eye lashes, thick eye shadow, thick eye liner, rainbow colors, stupid sayings that are random and make no sense (again, for attention so someone can think they're actually unique and original, but actually pathetic) flats, boots, high heels, plaid, gay emo screaming music, poppy music, drives VW Beetle, all about peace and war, pale, smokes, no future, says they're going to be a psychologist or a cosmetologist, wants revenge on ex's. secretly likes twilight, whores, man whores, gay, lesbian/bi, EXTENSIONS, has a new piercing every week and decides to grow it back in, pierce it again, hip piercings that look meaningless...
by SamHorneeee5118 January 12, 2011
noun: A boy or girl prep who suddenly decides that's it's like sooooooo kewl to be emo or goth, but isn't willing to give up their douchey ways. May or may not listen to crappy screamo/metal and lots of white boys rapping about how much ass they get. Both tend towards physical attractiveness and have an unfortunate tendency to be assholes/bitches.
Oh my god, is that prep trying to emo? What a fucking scene kid.
by asshat mgee August 10, 2010
fucking bastards
guy1: "dude i hate that kid" guy2: "i know i punched him in the nose at a show because he's such a poser" guy1: "of course he is, he's a scene kid."
by retardedmax July 05, 2010
a brightly coloured emo
hance is a scene kid
by typical stereotype of alison February 08, 2010