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when you are having dirty butt sex with a girl and then after you pound her up the butt you smack your penis on her face.
Most professional baseball players prefer the louisville slugger.
by phil johnson June 20, 2006
Perhaps the most famous brand of baseball bat in the world. Beloved among office drones for that scene in Office Space when the three heroes take their infamously misfiring printer out into a field and bash it apart with said bat.
To beat the holy hell out of someone or something with a Lousiville Slugger (or any kind of bat) is "to go Louisville" on them/it. Example:
"Christ, did you see them go Louisville on that printer?"
by Scott Lanway October 14, 2004
A wooden, classic baseball bat with a large iron (preferably rusty) nail protruding from the barrel of the bat. The barrel of the bat is usually the thicker end of the bat.
yea, good thing i got mi louisville slugger!!
by L-to the-O-to the-L September 14, 2010
A man who prefers to drink his whiskey "neat."
Seamus is not a mixed drink guy; he's a real Louisville Slugger.
by Nora O'Shaughnessy September 13, 2005
A southern female that has been beaten with a metaphorical ugly bat.
I am really embarrassed because last night I went down to Kentucky and I banged a real Louisville Slugger.
by Sa B-Rose June 07, 2009
a piece of wood like a bat, that can be mainly used to bash peoples faces in
this louisville slugger is gonna meet your face one of these days belle
by The REAL Bubblegum Fiend October 15, 2003