A "Scene Kid" is like any other trend or style, completely self-righteous and self-adoring. As far as to the actual trend, scene kids fashion and music choice is various in type. It is common for the "scene kids" to take a trend or genre and twist it or make it "br00tal". So scene doesn't come down to a singularity but more of a collective, as it is actually a center of a vast number of sub-trends.

Most people assume (including myself) that scene kids are rich faggots who have an elitist attitude, but in reality you will find that in any person in any genre or clique. The retarded people who live on Myspace, brag about how many shows they've been to, and how hot they are.. are everywhere! Whether you are a gangster, prep, punk, goth, or indie.. there will always be fags who think they are better. I like to refer to these people as Jews.

This brings me to my next point. Jews and Scene. Intertwined. You see it all coming together now?
We shouldn't be blaming "Scene Kids", they are just trendy kids having fun. We should be blaming the damn Jews! They are the ones with money, only allowing ones that are just like them in their inner circles. They are the ones who smirk at the other kids when a band "breaksdown" for Jesus. They hate mainstream because everyone hates them, they need a reason to hate everyone else. They say they are "hott" because they feel self-contentious about their nose jobs. Yea, they've been to all the shows... because they want to fit in. We have found the real coulprit and it lurks in every corner of the world. We must bring them down in any possible way, wether it be grinding on them during a windmill or acquiring a taste for Rammstein, we must strike!
Scene Kid: Vampire Weekend is good.... and I really like Enya too.

Other Scene Kid: Oh cool man, not my taste but they are talented.

Jew: What the FUCK GUYS?? You guys aren't scene anymore!
by Niggers on the run July 06, 2009
The worst people in the known universe, including Nazis and Stalinists.
History Teacher: "To some up, Hitler may have been a bad, but at least he didn't have big fucking glasses and a six year-old's T-shirt. Like those scene kids"
by raisinbum May 05, 2009

Basically an Emo kid that likes to wear bright colors and dress differently, Frequently Skaters and Musicians. They spend a lot of time in the mall or on MySpace and they go to a lot of shows. Usually pro at playing Halo and Texting. Usually cool with most social groups but usually hate cops and Posers


Long Hair, Usually Puffy, sometimes with a streak or multiple streaks of color with or without a ribbon, Bow or Baby Hair Clip

Neon Colors, Zebra Stripes, Leopard Print are frequently found in their wardrobe

Skin Tight, Pencil Leg Jeans are mandatory

Tight Band Tee Shirts or Preppy Brands like Hollister or American eagle

Sometimes wear lots of makeup

Piercings Common, Especially Snake Bites

Converse - Flats - Sandals or Colorful High Top Skate Shoes

A Colorful Belt is Common, Sometimes with the Buckle off To the Side

Obsessed with Hello kitty and/or Invader Zim and/or Cupcakes and /or Diamonds

Often Vegetarians or Vegan

Usually fall for skaters and musicians

Listen to Metalcore / Grindcore / Underground Hip-Hop

Go To a lot of shows

Usually Really Hot

Obsessed with Mountain Dew and/or Old English

Spend a lot of time in the mall


Tight Pencil Leg Jeans

Tight Band Tee Shirts

Usually Skate or Ride BMX

Long Hair or New Era Fitted or both

Either Straight Edge or Pot Heads

MySpace is Mandatory + Lots of Friends

Listen to Metalcore / Grindcore / Underground Hip-Hop

Go To a lot of shows

A Colorful Belt is Common, Sometimes with the Buckle off to the Side

Sometimes Considered Metro

Neon Colors, Zebra Stripes, Leopard Print are frequently found in their wardrobe

Always in skate shoes

Piercings Common, Especially Snake Bites

Obsessed with Mountain Dew and/or Old English

Spend a lot of time in the mall
Scene Kid - Scene Chick - Scene Guy
by K.T.K November 04, 2008
Scene kids are fucking awesome!
A scene kid is a recent trend or style among teens spawned from a blend of the sub-genres punk and emo. A scene kid can be a boy or girl and generally tends to wear bright and often fluorescent colours and displays some of these typical scene kid attributes:

• Wears excessive makeup, most commonly bright eye liner and eye shadow
• Prefer going to parks then socializing in town or cinemas
• Guys BMX
• Girls wear clourful tight fit jeans, guys wear black skinny fit jeans
• They wear bandanas
• They wear band t-shirts
• Girls wear converse and guys wear high nike trainers or a skating brand such as Etnies or DC
• Some wear tight, brightly coloured nylon jackets
• Get offended when you call them an emo as they are often mistaken as one
• Use proper English and correct grammar when making text or comment on myspace
• When they think a guy/girl is hot they comment “sexy/hot much?”
• They hug whenever they see each other
• Get drunk often and go to numerous raves
• Adore glow sticks
• Constantly put an exclamation mark at the end of their sentences
• Use the smilies =], =) and never the traditional :)
• Use the (Y) symbol on sites which don’t support smiley’s
• They wear lots of accessories
• They wear hoodies, and bags with bright stars and crazy patterns
• They wear flat peak hats, tight black shirt and clothes intended for members of the opposite sex
• They like graffiti
• They like school
• Wear t-shirts with the word rave written on or make music, not war
• Pierce their face, most commonly in the lips or have large piercing in their ears
• Talk about how gangsta they are in a mocking way
• They class the bands they listen to in crazy genres eg. Psychedelic techno pop rock
• Has an obsession with either, anime, hello kitty, pokemon or spongebob square pants
• Boasts about how nerdy they think they are
• Wear white belts with big buckles
• Shop at TOPMAN/TOPSHOP, River Island and H&M
• Deny being a scene kid and complain about how labeling is so gay and others should not judge them. They often claim they are unique
• They have black or blonde choppy hair which is always straight and never symmetrical
• Have more than one colour in their hair. Eg blonde, red, or green if they think they’re really cool
• Tend to be vegetarian or vegan and boast about it
• Listen to nu rave, indie, hip hopsuch as Klaxons, Hadouken, Foals, Enter Shikari etc
• They listen to hip hop and advertise it to try and prove to everyone else they are not emo
• Try and distinguish themselves as being different because they claim to like bands they think other people their age don’t like like McFly or Busted
• Claim they listen to a lot more music then they do
• Say they love a certain band when they have only heard one of their songs
• Can be commonly seen at gigs
• Spends a great deal of their free time customizing their myspace, regularly adding new photoshopped pictures of themselves often in outrageous camera angles that don’t include their whole face.
• Other stereotypical pictures may include them making the shape of a heart with their hands or with writing on some part of their body saying something about love. Girls also take closeup pictures of their eyes with ridiculously complex patterns of makeup.
• Includes numerous quotes from films and music lyrics on their myspace to try and express their true feelings
• They favour Myspace to bebo
• Has over 500 friends on myspace and is desperate to have more constantly
• Pretends not to care about myspace
• They think they’re quirky and weird
• Claim/Pretend to care about animals and be part of PETA
• Girls wear polka dot clothes
• Love photography
• Have lots of sleepovers
Laura: I'm so not a scene kid, I'm just unique and your just a conforming asshole. I'm going to my friend Josie's sleepover in my brightly coloured clothes so we can get drunk on WKD an talk about how much we love hello kitty and Hadouken. Yeah anime FTW

Adam:Frickin Scene kid
by Little.Fuzzy.Man.Peach January 29, 2008
Okay lets get this whole problem straight first of all do some research before you write things down. Emo is actually spilt off of the hardcore of the 1980's it orginally stood for emotional hardcore. The scene start in washington d.c. because they believed hardcore kids were becoming to violent and just showing up at shows to hurt people the did not believe in the punk rock ideals made clear but hardcore bands such as minor threat. Emo became more popular during the 90's as an indie style pioneered by bands such as sunny day real estate and texas is the reason. Now the interesting thing about emo is it isn't actually around anymore you see it was really just an offshoot of punk similar to the hardcore of the 80's and the more pop side of punk in the 90's. Now we can get to scene kids they listen to bands that are around today such as silverstein and boys like girls. Which is pop music with a little bit of rock thrown in. Never call someone emo because it does not actually exist anymore there are no emo bands anymore only scene bands. As stated pervoiusly emo is just an offshoot of punk that stayed around for a little bit and doesn't exist anymore. It is also very important to know the difference between scene and punk. Punk is politically and socially motivated whereas scene is rebellion as sold at hot topic. Hopefully everyone understands the difference.
emo kid will listen to sunny day real estate, texas is the reason
scene kid will listen to silverstein, boys like girls, my chemical romance, pink spiders
punk kid will listen to against me, anti-flag, rise against, minor threat
by adawg112154542 January 02, 2008
Typical Scene Chick:
-Choppy short hair.
-Usually black however blonde and lots of 'strange' colors are used to make themselves look 'unique.
-Bandana in hair.
-Bows are popular
-Heavy make up, usually around the eyes, sparkles are quite common.
-Fake moles have been spotted.
-Tries to pull of Vintage look
-Usually really hot. But, we haven't seen them with out make up so this is questionable.
-Dates only scene boys.
scene kids or girls are almost or exactly like a Bro hoe..
by iamdesandimawsome December 21, 2007
Kids who whore themselves on a daily basis on myspace.

They have no originality whatsoever.

They decorate their myspaces with pictures of diamonds, bats, gloomy bears, hello kitty, and other shit.

A lot of them are self-absorbed and are bitches, but no, not all of them are.

Some of them are actually nice.

Most of them claim to be -in love- with photography.

Most claim to be vegetarian/vegan.

Not to be racist, but the majority of them are white.

They call all their "scene friends" nigga, nigg, nigz, nigglet, or whatever. But they don't have the guts to say it in public towards blacks.

They have names like:
Jackie Chanel.
Tommy Terror.
Minnie Murder.
Lisa Hollywood.

A lot of the scene girls have raccoon stripes in their hair.

They wear tight pants, both girls and boys.

They claim to be anti-mainstream, even though the way they dress IS becoming mainstream.

A lot of them look up to Kiki Kannibal, Jeffree Star, Audrey Kitching, etc.
LexiiStarxx: zomg bby. me and you are ttly cute scene kids. fer sure! let's make babies. rawrrr.
by cylinder December 15, 2007

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