The definition of a scene kid ranges from a badly viewed individual to a narcissistic cunt. My definition is unbiased and only states the facts i believe to be true. A person in their teens who's distorted view on society has them crushed into a style that was once known as the alternative, but has now become bland and unoriginal. they are non-conforming conformists. Seemingly unable to invent anything for themselves, stealing the ideas and traits of the true originals in society, claiming them as their own, and changing the ideas so that it no-longer holds it's first intention. it is a known fact that if you should confront a scene kid to him/her, he/she will take one of two actions, he/she will either deny being a scene kid or point out the hypocrisy in what you say to them. In this sense, some one does not need to look or think any certain way to be considered scene. As long as the commit these actions, they can be described as scene. I am self-aware enough to, not only admit the hypocrisy, but to also understand it. I know that I'm not the pinnacle of original thinking, and I'd be stupid to think so, but these people don't seem to have to capacity to invent and create. they constantly use up their time, money, and energy to look like each other instead of breaking themselves out of the mold they've made. In a strange twist of fate, they have become what they originally rebelled against! The Alternative of the Alternative, ironic isn't?
Hottopic is a store who's main consumers are scene kids.
by the gentlemen thief May 19, 2010
boy: borrowed sisters skinny jeans, usually ugly, wears makeup, trys to borrow the emo and punk look, claims their hardcore, thinks their individuals (but their not), and sometimes wears black nerd glasses. can be seen at thrift stores, hot topic, and malls. they can be heard saying that their poor (but their parents are rich) and their emo. CAN BE MISTAKEN FOR A GAY PERSON

girl: uses same skinny jeans as male counterparts, usually hot, wears loads of makeup, claims their hardcore, thinks their individauls, and usually have hair dyed with random colors. Can be seen at Hot Topic, thrift stores, malls, rap concerts, and trying to be emo. cannot be mistaken for a lesbian.

Both: claim their emo and hardcore, wear a lot of black, dye their hair with random blonde or neon colors. Have about half the songs on their ipod scremo and emo music (incase anyone wants to know whats on their ipod) and the other half any music they like (usually rap, but sometimes pop). care deeply on what you say to them and how they are preceved. males usually stay out of fights and are pussys. both may wear random shirts that have childs stars (big bird, cartoon charactors, and movie stars) on a bright colored shirt. everything else is black. sometimes can be seeen with a "I <3 punk" shirt, even though they are preppy. generally the kids who jump on whatever is cool.
me and a true emo chilling: oh s*&t! not those scene kids again

scene kids: hey can we chill with you guys??? were emo and punk to!

us: no... no you cannot. now go be dushbags somewhere else...
by hahaha i had sex with your mom December 05, 2009
A Scene Kid is a really pathetic loser, about 13-16, who follows current trends, or the scene, because they are insecure about their own identity and feel the need to copy others.

At the moment Scene Kids typically dress like a cross between Emo and Nu Rave. Both sexes wear tight black skinny jeans, brighly coloured Converse and check/studded belts. Expect them to go 'punk rawk revolution!' in a couple of years time.

Male Scene Kids wear tight band T shirts or neon T's with angular patterns. They wear wristbands showing all the gigs they've ever been to, have some kind of facial piercing and have black hair with a shock of bright colour, cut in the Emo style.

Female Scene Kids wear 80's style clothing with clashing colours and patterns, big jewelery, ridiculous amounts of neon makeup and have pretty similar hair to the guys, only longer and sometimes backcombed.

They listen to bands in the current disco/nu rave/post hardcore scene, bands that NME go ape about, and bands with copious punctuation in their names, such as Hadouken!, Does It Offend You Yeah? and !!!

Scene Kids spend their days on social networking sites, such as MySpace or Bebo, talking to fellow Scene Kids about new bands and clothes they bought. They also like taking 'arty' photographs of themselves at mind-bending camera angles in their bathrooms.

They often retain traces of previous scenes they were into, such as liking rap music or wearing skate shoes. They think they're the 'in' crowd when they actually end up looking like twats.

Scene Kids are basically people who follow the crowd and steal from other social groups to fit in.
Scene Kid 1: Dude! Check out my vintage Vans! All the cool kids are wearing them!
Scene Kid 2: Wow! Not as awesome as my retina-buring T shirt I got from H&M!
Scene Kid 3: Hey, check out this band on MySpace! They're called Kitasuki!!*&?
Normal Kid: You guys are losers...
by desperate_d April 20, 2009
Preps dress alike. Goths dress alike. Punks dress alike. Emo kids dress alike...scene kids dress alike. Whether you want to believe it or not, you are following trends right now. So are scene kids. EVERYONE is. You can fucking decide yourself who you want to be.
There are not many scene kids in my school, but the ones that are there are AWESOMEASFUCK. They stand out, dare to be different, and don't care what YOU think of them. And everyone has different tastes in music.
There is a huge difference between emo and scene, so don't go around calling every scene kid you see emo.
so YEAH.
by audiorush August 20, 2007
wow. you guys who have all this hate just dont really know any scene kids. you might look at them and be like wow look at that faggot omg hes wearing tight jeans. well at least he actuaally follows something he might like and not that everyone else likes. ya im somewhat scene soo keep talking all of this shitt and do something else with your life. get to know a scene kid or more than one. even if they wear heavy eyeliner girl jeans straighten their hair, their hair is 1 2 3 4 5 6 colors most of them are down to earth execpt the few that nobody likes
examples of jerks

scene kids who arent really scene
by carlee May 13, 2006
Evidence that modern subcultures are progressivley sinking deeper into the shitter.

Scene? No depth at all beyond excessive vanity, (Good fucking god. The world's being taken over by trashy, clashing barbiedoll clones.), and must have uber-cute girly obsessions. You immediately choose to like your little dino's? Glitter? Eyeliner? Hello Kitty? Invader Zim? Jack Skellington? Photography? Great job at making things cheap for people with genuine interest in it.

Even classic sub-cultures with depth like goth and punk going back 30 years ago have been reduced to shallow, childish fads that have no place out of teenage years.

You know a generation has failed when people in it thinks it sucks ass. I stand by my opinion.
Scene kids are dissapointing.
by R'Amen December 05, 2010
Scene kids are usually the ones who go to cool gigs and pretend they have been a fan for ages. They are addicted to myspace and anything neon. Oh, and they usually can't see due to their hair always being in their eyes!

Scene kids should not be confused with grebs! Grebs are individuals who actually like stuff before it comes into fashion!

Scene kids like to think they are grebs!
Scene Kids:

Scene Boy:
Band t-shirt, usually black or some kind of weird bordering on emo t-shirt. Long dyed black hair with fringe covering eyes, abnormally tight jeans with a checkered belt, and either converses or van slip-ons.

Scene Girl:
Tight t-shirt, usually leopard print. tons of necklaces, usually a bow in their dyed messy hair; hair may have obscure colours in it. Scene girls usually wear a neon tutu with strange tights. and lots of eye make-up! oh, and they almost always love hello kitty!
by October 30, 2010

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