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"Scene" is a trend that started online. The trend is taking over myspace. They look similar to emo kids but to them being called emo is offensive. Typical Scene Kids in generall usually have double pierings such as; snakebites, spiderbites, hips etc. The girls usually wear extentions, multicolored and or striped. The boys have hair that covers atleast one eye. Oh and I almost forgot SKINNYJEANS. Don't dare to call yourself scene with out a pair. They claim to be original yet they all look exactly the same. But just looking like a scene kid isn't enough :o You must go to several shows and throwdown in the moshpits. Not only do the scene kids look the same they listen to the same music. Bands like; The Devil Wears Prada, Jefree Star, The Medic Droid, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Blessthefall, Suicide Silence, Greely Estates, Millionaires, A Skylit Drive, Breathe Carolina, Bring Me The Horizon, etc. Basically Screamo, electro and a little Grindcore. Back to the whole online thing, most of them are sXe (STRAIGHT EDGE) Their goal is to be the next kiki kannibal. They rely on myspace and photoshop to make them famous. Most of them have the same poses in their pictures. The M3T4L hand, being in front of random buildings and Mirror pictures are quite popular. A high friend count and professional looking pictures will get you into perfection trains which will boost your friend count. If you have over 10k(10,000 friends) you're doing pretty well. SCENE KIDS ARE ADDICTED TO MYSPACE.
This is an example of two scene kids having an online convo;

XXDAISY DESTRUCTIONXX: OMFGZZZ D000D, I just got us tix to the BMTH show <333


XXDAISY DESTRUCTIONXX: I know right, Im the sexx :]

XRyan RAWRRX: bahaha...W4W?

by SUNSHINEDUSTT May 03, 2008

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