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The day after one has part taken in the use of drugs, such as ecstacy, and are feeling "scattered". The individual spends the day on the couch as a space cadet, watching whatever is on tv, even if it is not interesting even in the slightest.
" what a night, dude are you coming to the beach today"?
" no chance man, todays scatterday"
by obi 1 bone me July 11, 2009
n. Day of the week, commonly known as "Saturday," but much, much crazier.
Jane: "So, what did you do last weekend?"
Carla: "Well, Sunday was pretty boring, but the day before I had so much to do. I spent almost all day at the mall shopping, then saw a movie with John, and then went to an insane party. It was a total Scatterday."
by AlyssaLorin131 February 11, 2009