A protector; a legend; In the year 1589, the ancient tribes of Northern Africa spoke of a man that stood in the fields of rice to protect it from predators and evil spirits. It is believed, according to the legend, that the man had no name and no family. He was an orphan of Great Africa, his mother the sky and his father the nature below. According further to the legend, when the moon was high and bright and the wind was nothing but a "calm breath," the ghosts of past warriors from enemy tribes would come out of their resting places and attack the rice fields. The "Scarecrow Man," as he was later to be known as, would fight them off.
That mysterious man over there is like Scarecrow
by Hatey October 14, 2008
Scarecrows are people who are characterised by their messy straw-like hair and constant frenzied attention seeking. Examples include Russell Brand, the majority of Indie teenagers, and the many unfortunates that attend Winstanley College. Behaviour comprises of incessant ruffling of their nests (hair), pouting, and gross application of Zaazuianism.
Scarecrow 1: "Zaazu!"
Scarecrow 2: "Yeah hun, sure you can lend mi hairspray."
by Walter Slingsby April 24, 2008
A dimwit - meant to be derogatory and applied to minorities or in reference to walking, movements that are disjointed.
He's a scarecrow just like the guy in the Wizard of Oz.
by Anonymous November 07, 2003
A scarecrow is when you scrape your scrot on the velcrow of your shorts.
Shit...I done got scarecrowed again by these POS shorts.
by OWA October 31, 2004
a very, randy spoof baron, may be know as a 1337 H@><0R
"the evil scarecrow rapes homeless people"
by jake nelson July 28, 2003
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