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A man born with talent who can play the guitar VERY well.
Black Magic Woman was one of his hits.
Many people wish they had guitar skillz like Carlos Santana!
by CarlosX January 01, 2006
A type of show that gets addicting overtime.
Soap opera:

Sarah: "Oh John, please don't leave me!"

John: " I'm so sorry Sarah, I love Katie more and my love for you is becoming weak. I'm sorry"

Sarah: *Sobs*
by CarlosX December 26, 2005
What killed unprotected sex.
John: " Yo Jack, you gonna bang Katie tonight?"

Jack: " Yeah but she told me she was HIV positive. I'm gonna have to use a condom."

John: " Damn, she has an STD? That blows! Sex is always better without a condom."
by CarlosX December 26, 2005
A moderator on a forum.
"Hey look, that Scarecrow owned that noob"
by CarlosX April 10, 2006
Enemy of Ebaumsworld.
Jack: "Hey look, Some guy got banned from Ebaums cause he was from Something Awful and claimed that more art was stolen."

Billy: "More art?!"

Jack: "Yeah."

Billy: "Haha. Good old Ebaums!"
by CarlosX December 22, 2005

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