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(verb/Noun): Meaning to blatantly
disrespect another individual without remorse
2. Giving someone
the cold shoulder
3. Publicly showing your true feelings for another
individual negatively and on purpose
4. Existence oversight
Example: John walks up to his friends and pleasantly greets them by saying "hey guys,
what's up? They respond by walking off in disgust. John says "did i just
get Scalabrined?"

Example 2: Barry makes a harmless mistake by posting something on a friends' facebook wall. To Bary's displeasure, a mutual friend calls him out about his post. In this instance Barry has been Scalabrined.

Example 3: Youtube Video: "do the Celtics remember brian scalabrine?". Watch as Brian Scalabrine is left hanging by his teammates at the end of the quarter. YSND
by LarryLegend May 13, 2010
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A move in basketball where a player receives a well executed inbound pass. The term is derived from future hall of famer Brian Scalabrine, who has won the Inbounder of the Year Award multiple times as well as Hottest Player of the League.
Coach: Once you've been Scalabrined, that's an automatic two points.
by nutella5600 August 12, 2010
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