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Someone that wants to look exactly like somebody else, usually by dressing the same and taking up the same habits and interests.
Person 1: Woah alex looks different!
Person 2: Nah that aint alex is just a dam scaife
Person 1: ahhh yeh what a prat
by Savs October 26, 2007
The act of vomiting when extremely nervous. The vomit usally has a thick consistency and resembles curdled milk. Its smell will is repulsive in crowded spaces and in humid, close quarters.
"Hudson had a nasty scaife last night when those hot girls rolled to the party last night eh?"

"I scaifed durring that shootout last night, did you?"
by Hershcle February 21, 2008
To customise or change configuration settings on a software application belonging to another person without permission, frequently overriding the owner’s preferences.
That bastard scaife'd my damn pc again, I can't find anything!
by Andy Scaife November 07, 2006

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