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Xelnagahomie is an idiot, as I made up the word. It means to be hit with a piece of bread, the 0 is there for 1337 people.
I got sconed when I was hit by the loaf.
by Micheal M May 04, 2005
1 Word related to Sc0ned
1: To descibe a sheer owning that surpasses OWN and falls in the relm of Sc0nn
"Hey bitch, eat 'Nade!"
Head Explosion
"OMG11111! He got sc0ned!"
by Xel'Naga April 06, 2005
Another word for Ownd, all rights belong to Xelnagahomie.
"THat's wat u get for eyebawlin' my chikin selex, bitch!"
"OMG1111 He's just been sc0ned!"
by Xel'Naga April 04, 2005

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