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the act of becoming awkwardly intoxicated in a public setting, usually when others are either somewhat or entirely sober. Typically involves video proof of drunken activities.
"Man, do you remember anything from the wedding last night? You were completely sawyered."
by sjlamar November 07, 2012
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Verb; adverb.

1.) To appear drunk in front of millions of people via television, internet, and social media feeds.

2.) To float down a river on a raft naked with an underage boy.
"What are you up to this weekend?"

"I'm getting totally Sawyered bro."
by tommybasilio November 07, 2012
To score 0 points in a 10 point Fooseball game.
Chip just got sawyered again!!
by isenberg February 28, 2008
Receiving a text message alluding to terminology that forces you to look up said terminology on Urban Dictionary.
Said individual: "Dude, we need to do an elephant walk."
You: "I just got sawyered."
by msawyered April 20, 2015

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