a small,smart,cute, and good looking female. She can be really stupid at times but smart. the nicest friend you'll ever have. usually trustworthy and honest most of the time.
aww, i want to be just like a savannah when i grow up
by starrxo May 04, 2009
Savannah, is usually the most badass person you will ever meet. She will never leave your side, harm you, or lie to you even if the truth hurts. Also she will always keep you laughing and never let you leave unsatisfied whether that be sexually, emotionally or in any other state. She is the life of the party and nobody can stay mad at her because of her lively personality, her sweet attitude, and her crazy mess ups that will keep you laughing all day long. Another thing that all savannahs have is beautiful features that always get a double take also, she has a rockin body that any girl would be envious of and a body that any guy would want to hold. Lastly she is a lot deeper than she appears she dark secrets that make her who she is and youll feel extremely special when she shares them with you. Basically to some it all up a Savannah is a girl who is a perfect 10 she's smart, beautiful, funny, caring, and the best friend you will ever have.
Wow Savannah she's absolutely amazing I wish i had her life.
by Dr. Happy Pills November 07, 2010
easily misunderstood, savannahs are epicness sealed in a curvey package. passionate about friends and family, you'd have to be an idiot to mess with one. a savannah is a very loyal and trustworthy person who gives terrific advice because of their brilliant minds. savannahs are some of the most beautiful people you will ever meet, and sometimes its hard not to treat them like goddesses.
i wish i was as beautiful as savannah, daaaaaaaayyyyuuuuum. look at that package. party in the front and the back.
by zomgjustletmesendalready July 09, 2010
A short, blonde, curvy female that usually has beautiful blue eyes. She is really smart but has A LOT of blonde, stupid moments. She loves children and is very shy when you first meet her but as soon as she warms up to you, she never shuts up. She has good judgment but no common sense. She has secrets but they make her who she is. Once she tells you she loves you, you are stuck with her because she means it! She is fun to be around, and she will always find a way to make you laugh! She is honest and she can come off as really mean, but she is loyal to the people she loves. Savannah's are amazing people.
John: Look at that little hot blonde girl.

Jerry: Oh that's Savannah, she is amazing and smart!
by Karime Yazmin May 01, 2011
She is sexy, too, just like Kourtni. Yeah. and shit Savananh is hott. yeah yeah yeah
Savannah does not have balls, only boobs
by chingalinglinglingling December 23, 2007
A pretty girl who usually has brown hair that can be curly, or straight. She can have many friends but only one or two close friends. She has a very tight friendship with her close friends and they are some of the most valuble things in her life. She is good in school-even when she doesn't want to actually be there. She is very beautiful on the outside and inside, but doesn't realize her outer beauty on her own. She has mixed emotions most the time, but does not share them, because she is afraid she could get hurt. Sometimes she will have to let them all out and at that point all she needs is someone to listen. Sometimes she can zone out, or not pay attention, especially if she is in deep thought about something going on in her life. She can sometimes have an attitude, but if you are her close friend, don't take it personally she could just be having a rough day. Here are some favorite things that a Savannah would like

-Lady Gaga music
-Time on the computer
"Whoa whats her name?"


"She is georgous."


"I am going with Savannah to watch a movie"

"Oh cool! i Love hanging out with Savannah!"
by SavannahZelda October 13, 2011
A truly unique girl. Usually blonde, but so much more attractive when a brunette. An intelligent person. Some times said to have an old soul. Usually a very talented person. Either in music or sports. She is a caring and sincere person. A definite leader. She is strong willed and hard headed. In most cases with an occasional temper. She is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. She is hilarious and can make, most anyone laugh. She is a true friend to all. An amazing companion and girlfriend. Will make any man an excellent wife. She is passionate, loving, and understanding. Just don't make her mad. A true, lucky find. Once you have her in your life, don't let her go.
I've never met some one like her before, her name must be Savannah.

I want her on my team, Savannah is so talented.

Savannah is such a beautiful woman.
by NativeAmericanHoney April 08, 2012
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