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A truly unique girl. Usually blonde, but so much more attractive when a brunette. An intelligent person. Some times said to have an old soul. Usually a very talented person. Either in music or sports. She is a caring and sincere person. A definite leader. She is strong willed and hard headed. In most cases with an occasional temper. She is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. She is hilarious and can make, most anyone laugh. She is a true friend to all. An amazing companion and girlfriend. Will make any man an excellent wife. She is passionate, loving, and understanding. Just don't make her mad. A true, lucky find. Once you have her in your life, don't let her go.
I've never met some one like her before, her name must be Savannah.

I want her on my team, Savannah is so talented.

Savannah is such a beautiful woman.
by NativeAmericanHoney April 08, 2012
A hot brunette who is amazing with music and style. She makes people crack up randomly and loves AIM. Her ideal best friends are the Megan.
"You've been such a Savannah lately. I'm so jealous!"
by UrbanDictionary Editor March 21, 2008
mostly brunette, pretty, smart but has occasional dumb moments and her family is southern. Also, she may seem weird at first but after a week or so she is cool to be with. Overall nice girl, pretty, and creative.
oh look at that beautiful girl walking down the street, she looks like a savannah!
by ayyyychicaaa July 05, 2011
A Savannah is a great person. Usually blonde with light colored eyes and a nice body. Always fun to be around and will speak her mind given the chance. She's a delicate person that plays hard to get, but thats because she doesn't want to get hurt. She loves people with great personalities and looks for what's on the inside rather than the outside. She might be shy at first, buts thats because she takes a while to open up to people and fully be herself. She wants to be appreciated for all that she does. In general Savannah's are outgoing and loving. Always a person to trust and make a friendship with or more..
Savannah's a cool girl, man.
by pirate1021 October 22, 2011
The bestest friend a person could ever have. Extremely pretty, but doesn't know it. Not afraid to speak her mind about anything and everything. If she hates you, you will know it. Someone you can confide everything in. Overall; Savannahs are quite amazing. (:
Person A:"Ewww, I'm disgusting!"
Person B:"No, you're not!"
Person A:"Yes, I am."
Person B:"Wow, dude, you're such a Savannah."
by YoursTruely.E.M.C. December 13, 2010
The most kindest and sweetest girl you will ever meet. She may be quiet at first but once you get to know her she will be the craziest and funnest person you've ever met. Usually a brunette but can also be a blonde. If you ever need advice talk to Savannah, she has the best advice. If you ever meet a Savannah be sure to say hi because you won't regret it. Oh and did I mention Savannah's make good girlfriends. :)
Guy One: "Who's that beautiful girl over there, she seems like a really fun person."
Guy Two: "Oh, that's Savannah!"

Guy One: "Back off she's mine."
by Carrie Smith January 04, 2013
Very weird
but my best friendd(;
haha look at this pencil... wht about luttace ??

savannah loves lexy
by timmmyyyyyyyyy September 08, 2010