She is usually blond, occasionally brunet. She has a great sense of humor and is very athletic and tall. Savannah is very smart girl, with some very dumb moments;). Savannah is a girl who can take a lot before she breaks, and is very good at hiding things about her self. She is a wonderful friend who you can tell anything, and she will be there. One thing about Savannah is, you can call her "Pretty, Beautiful, Gorgeous, ECT." But no matter how many times you tell her and honestly mean it, She will never believe you fully. Savannah needs people there for her also, don't just rely on her then leave. She wont say anything but that really hurts her. She is very a very strong person to some extent, when she really trust you be ready because she will break. And that's when she will need you most, and your and idiot not to be there then. Overall if you know a Savannah Keep her close and NEVER let her go. Oh and by the way if you are lucky enough to date(or even marry)her she will be faithful and never leave you!
Savannah is my every thing and has always been here (a man said on his and Savannah's wedding day)
by ballin6482 July 15, 2014
Normally blonds or brunettes, rarely with super dark hair but are prettier that way. Are amazing at school but doesn't even try! Is a great dancer and singer! Is bad at spelling but who cares? She is super smart but may have her occasional blond moments or word slips. Has an amazing body and a beautiful face and every guy, single or not, wants to make out with her because she is so beautiful and sexy! She is super nice once you get to know her. She has a wicked sense of humor that may be slightly dirty but is always hilarious. She will keep you laughing forever. Savannah is precious and has absolutely no idea how AMAZING she is. Comfort her when she needs it. She has an amazing personality and it may seem like she has a perfect life. but don't let that fool you! She has some very deep problems and troubles at home, if she tells you about them, don't tell anyone else. She hardly trusts anyone because she is scared of getting hurt, and if she trusts you, consider yourself very special.

When she meets you, she will mold to what you want you best friend to be. But she will never forget her true self. She will keep trying to find people until when she tries to mold into their best friend, she is just her self. She will never leave your side, no matter how good of a friend you are to her. She will stay with you, never harm you or lie to you, even if the truth hurts. Once you have her, don't let her go.
Girl: I love savannah, she is such an amazing person

Guy: Yeah I love her too, but for a whole different reason.
by luvyoumorethanlife4ever October 20, 2013
A beautiful, smart, bright girl. She always has a smile in her face but she's most likely hurting inside. She holds everything thing so she doesn't hurt anyone. She's extremely outgoing. She always puts others before herself and is probably the most trustworthy person you'll ever meet. She can also be a perfect girlfriend. No one compares
Wow look at Savannah over there. She's truly something special.
by JustANobody13 December 22, 2013
Very weird
but my best friendd(;
haha look at this pencil... wht about luttace ??

savannah loves lexy
by timmmyyyyyyyyy September 08, 2010
usually a brunette, shes very good in bed, a phenomonel kisser, intelligent, and fun person to be around. she is also probably a gorgeous person inside and out.she may act like a very strong person, and she is, but is really looking for someone to listen to her needs. she is very loveable and beautiful, and may have a nice thick, curvy figure, which men love. even when her intentions see, good, she is most likely playing you and you wont even know it
wow. that snobby girl is such a savannah
by Purtyful October 13, 2011
A girl who is beautiful in every way possible. She is smart, kind, and eats a lot of fruit roll ups. Don't let her fool you, she has her bitchy moments. She is always there for you, even if your not there for her. She is scared of being alone, and loves attention. She is a sweetheart and any boy would be lucky to have her. When life drags her through tough times she come out with a smile on her face. She's the kinda girl you want to have a girls night out with, but also at the same time, let her comfort you when your sad while you both ea icecream. She is a great person in general, and I would hate to live this life without her. <3
by Cheeto February 17, 2015
A beautiful girl, usually blond. She's insecure, and just needs someone to tell her she's beautiful. She fangirls, but hates being called fangirl. She believes many people hate her, but lots love her and she pushes them away. She is very inappropriate, and that's why people love her so much. Her humor is out of the roof, she rarely laughs herself though. She has many friends, but only a few best friends. Those best friends, she's always around. She has great taste in music, and well go to the extreme to defend it. Savannah is perfect and just needs to see that!
Girl1: Savannah is so gross, how can you talk to her?!

Girl2: She's hilarious, you wouldn't understand.
by Maybe.maybe. November 16, 2014
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