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A word used by a male when he sees an attractive female. It is usually said when with a group of friends in a club and it is clearly said in two parts. SAU-SAGE! After a while women realise what it means and it can't be used anymore!
If that guy says sausage at me once more i'll rip his damn balls off, see what he says then!!!
by Mike 'Wheels' Robinson August 16, 2006
8 23
A common cylindric part of meat made from delicious gory animal parts. The human beings usually eat it in order to gain multiple kilojoules, but instead of that, some weirdos smoke it for their personal pleasure.
I've got to smoke my daily sausage, does anyone have a lighter or something...?
by Slutlerandojob November 14, 2005
497 221
A males penis, also can be used to show a very annoying male
Example #1 When Janie asked russell to fuck for a second time he said sorry baby my sausage is overcooked and dilapidated

Example #2 That sausage is an asshole, I hope he sticks his sausage in a meat grinder and shoves it up his ass
by Cosmo August 03, 2003
313 198
The act of misleading someone to believe in something when in actual fact it does not exist!
guy1: look over their your mums got her tits out!
guy2: where?
guy1: sausage!!
by a freind of yer maw November 26, 2010
161 79
1) Frequents the gym seven days a week. Sometimes does double sessions.
2) Candidates are usually males between 20-40 years old.
3) Often can be seen with a protein shake, muscle milk or other similar products.
4) Typically follows their visit to the gym with a 15-20 minute session in the booth at the neighboring tanning salon.
5) Generally reunites with his sausage friends at the night club later than evening draped in True Religion jeans and an Ed Hardy or Affliction t-shirt.
6) A woman's nightmare.
Melissa: Are you going out with that guy from the gym on Saturday? What was his name again? Brutis?

Allison: Are you kidding me? That guy is such a fucking sausage. He was nibbling on a protein bar last time I was blowing him.
by Brutis "The King Sausage." February 03, 2009
96 57
A word shouted at someone when playing a very annoying game.

The game is to set someone up to quickly correct you on something very obvious.

It generally starts a wave of Sausage!! attempts, and can be very rewarding when you catch someone out.
Example 1 -

Geoffrey: Urban Thesaurus is such a funny website

Alan: It's Urban Dictionary (duh!)

Geoffrey: SAUSAGE!!!

Example 2 -

Geoffrey: I would love to, but I don't know how to drive manual

Alan: It's Automatic

Geoffrey: SAUSAGE!!!
by jamjarjamjar June 29, 2011
43 24
a penis
Tyler Thomson has a small asusage.
by anonymous December 06, 2002
140 123
saw c ej

-noun, any independent music "scene" in the Chicagoland Area that involves a bunch of hairy, sweaty dudes drinking cheap beer. Cute girls are nowhere to be seen. The ones that used to be cute morph into alcoholic slobs.
"hey you want to go see that band at the Mutiny?"

"no way man, that shit is sausage"
by ULTRA-THIN MAGNUM April 17, 2009
81 65