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Another word used for a condom.
Gary: "hey man, Jess is coming over later, you got a sausage casing i can borrow?"

Matt: "go buy your own, you broke-ass mother fucker!"
by strawberries4lunch November 05, 2010
A woman so fat that her skin looks like a sausage casing...there is no room left to expand.
That sausage casing girl looks about ready to explode.
by BS Fatonovich July 07, 2006
Term used to describe the ring of guys surrounding an attractive woman at the bar. Blocking off any outside contact. Also a "sausage force-field."
Man 1: You should go talk to her.
Man 2: I can't. She's got a fucking sausage casing around her.
by coltrane1 January 12, 2008
Pantyhose for big gals
It sure is hard getting into these darn sausage casings said Helen
by Dangit December 12, 2013
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