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A level of awesome above Awesome Sauce, Usually miss used as a abreviation for Awesome Sauce, But in reality a differernt word entirely.
That Pie was Sauceum!
by Maven Council Of Pie October 04, 2010
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Used in place of thats awesome, its awesome and so awesome.

It is more powerful than awesome, it is really awesome. Also can be used when referring to really good sauce.
Dude, I was chillin at my boys crib last night and let me tell you, that pasta he made sauceum.
by sixdollasforahotdog?! July 23, 2013
(saw-sum) - So Awesome.
Dude I can't believe you banged that chick in your moms bed. That's sauceum!!!
by Ghetto Goblin August 22, 2008

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