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The name of the plant that Cocaine is made from.
Chewing ont he leafs of the coca plant is ok, but for the best effects make it into cocaine and sniff it.
by Sammi September 30, 2004
over exstatic lovely bubbly girl.. should be queen... definately
Person: hey.. you rock
Priti: I know... I am Queen... i love nemo
by sammi January 12, 2004
a muffiny person that is oh so sexy and yummy
i took a bath in the shower with a sexy muffin and we had a hot steamy romance
by sammi September 26, 2003
A person who has spent most of his/her life dedicating their life to schoolwork and achieving grades of A and above. Tends not to have many friends but there are rare occurences where a square has actually had a boyfriend/girlfriend.
Ah look at that square over there! Bet hes off to the library.
by Sammi April 06, 2005
The adjective form of "awesome sauce". Awesome in a saucy way...rarrr...
Dude that car is soooooooooooooooo awesome-sauceum.
by sammi October 10, 2003
Word used to describe a skater nerd hence a skerd.
Wow I cant believe that skerd just pulled off that trick!
by Sammi May 26, 2005
a dumbass who has no life and spends his time sending innocent people across the sea to fight for oil that he needs for his ford 4x4
well, he's better than clinton...
by sammi December 26, 2003
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