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When a chick has a really thick, bushy, lush crop of pubes to the extent that it might have as much hair as Sasquatch.
I was rockin' the Sastwatch because I hadn't shaved my puss in weeks.
by Sastwatch August 21, 2007
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A vagina covered in so much hair that it is not unlike the nether regions of the legendary Sasquatch.
After watching all the relatively hairless modern pornography widely available on the Interweb, I was shocked to finally get a look at a video with vintage 70's-era sastwatch.
by Spazbot August 09, 2008
a temporary periodic hormonally induced transformation of a woman into a bloated raging irrational hulking creature.
I cant stand being around that sastwatch when she's on the rag.
by McShmooberson August 22, 2009

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