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A person who's sass is beyond the regular level. This person can add sass to anything and usually gets whatever they want. Wagging fingers, z snaps, head rolls, eye rolls, and the sticking out of the tongue are some of the many trademarks of a sassmaster. Usually a female
The only reason she won the lord of the rings trivia game is because she was a sassmaster and scared everyone out of answering the questions!
by Befferoni July 30, 2009
1. When the word is accompanied with 'The', it is referring to Brian Bell, the guitarist from the American alternative rock band, Weezer. Fans devastatingly describe Bell as being "easily the sassiest guitarist to ever live. Sassier than Gwen Stefani and Prince combined." He repeatedly demonstrates his sassiness with moves like 'The Impossible Bend' and 'The Power Rise'. Basically, if Brian Bell had a perfume, it would be named Sass in a Glass.

2. One who displays sass on a daily basis with no apologies. Note that true sassmasters do not claim to be a sassmaster, otherwise that just makes them a tool. They are humble about their exceptional amounts of sass, which just makes them even sassier.
"Look! It's The Sassmaster!'

Person A: "I'm such a sassmaster."
Person B: "Nope, you're just a tool."
by brianbell=sass December 16, 2010
Someone who masters all the sass.
person 1: Are you hanging out with Julie? or Amelia tonight? have fun either way. *wink*
person 2: Are you fucking Brandon tonight? or no? have fun either way. *wink*
person 1: You're such a sass master.
by hawkerfield September 22, 2012
A person who can sass beyond anyone either mortal, demigod,mmonster, or god.
Percy Jackson is the biggest dam sassmaster in the world.
by DamGhostQueen January 25, 2015
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