an obese fat ghost.
I just had an encounter with a Sarthak; his flesh was hanging off the side of his bike seat.
by bozorg October 11, 2011
Top Definition
The name given to the coolest, most intelligent, exceptionally talented (and also cute) dudes, having unmatched leadership skills.

Can also be considered as a title recognising those qualities.
Person 1: Sarthak is going to lead team A in this contest.
Person 2: Oh damn. They are SO gonna win.
by dude1989 September 10, 2010
1. To stroke someone's face gently
2. A man who is innocent and always tells the truth.
1. Me-"Hey can I Sarthak you?"

Eddy- "Sure. Anytime!"

2. Me- "Man that guy is so innocent and truthful."

John- "I know, he is such a Sarthak!"
by AdarshBalak05 February 18, 2010

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