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The name given to the coolest, most intelligent, exceptionally talented (and also cute) dudes, having unmatched leadership skills.

Can also be considered as a title recognising those qualities.
Person 1: Sarthak is going to lead team A in this contest.
Person 2: Oh damn. They are SO gonna win.
by dude1989 September 10, 2010
1. To stroke someone's face gently
2. A man who is innocent and always tells the truth.
1. Me-"Hey can I Sarthak you?"

Eddy- "Sure. Anytime!"

2. Me- "Man that guy is so innocent and truthful."

John- "I know, he is such a Sarthak!"
by AdarshBalak05 February 18, 2010
an obese fat ghost.
I just had an encounter with a Sarthak; his flesh was hanging off the side of his bike seat.
by bozorg October 11, 2011