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Sarah there are no word in the history of words to describe this Greek goddess but if i was to try words like amazing would come to mind. Sarah is that person who everyone wants to love i know she has me head over heals. she listens to good music, watches good movies. i have yet to find a flaw she is like a perfect pearl or diamond. here eyes are more beautiful than all the stars in the sky. I would get her endless supplies of coke and Hershey chocolate and almond bars if i could. she is not small she is fun size keyword fun. she is my Americas sweetheart
i love Sarah
by Sean Richard Henderson October 30, 2009
Sweet sexy beast with one hell of an ass.
Dude! check out that Sarah... Muffin
by Blindworm October 08, 2008
An artsy shy girl that loves to be with her friends. She can be found singing tunes or hanging around outside enjoying the beauty of nature. Sarah is a beautiful individual that cares about others and is happy when she sees other people happy. She prefers being with friends rather than being alone but is happy when she can catch some free time for herself once and a while. Sarah's like to read and write, and be creative whenever they get the chance. If you have the chance to meet a Sarah, you are one lucky person.
Why that's Sarah of course.
Sarah is the most ahmayzing person i know! She is caring and funny and goofy and loving and you just cant get enough of her! I love this kid to death! Sarah's are always laughs. They have their big ups and downs but they know how to keep it cool. Sarah's love their frans and are really good at making new ones.
Sarah is my bestfran.
Shes ahmayzing
by pinkypromisesxD April 10, 2009
A sexy babe, with huge jugs and a nice ass. All the guys want her.
Hey you see that sexy, hot girl over there?
Who Sarah?
Yeah, im gonna ask her out today.
NO MAN! I was!it asshole?
Fine, lets take THIS outside bitch!
by Heeey14 January 17, 2009
Sarah: A generous, outgoing girl who goes out of her way for hier friends. Can be sweet and caring towards people, she has a laid back and calm approach. Truthful, gullable, lovely and BEAUTIFUL! Can be a bit of a stress head at times. Nice to get to know, easy to fall in love with.
by Special K2112 October 03, 2009
someone that is always there for you whether its just to bash the boy that made you cry for extreme periods of time. Or to listen to what amazing things that boy that boy said to you before he made you cry. drinking is normally involved.
Thanks, Sarah! He really hurt me this time.
by shawman. March 17, 2009