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In the process of titty fucking a girl you will reach your climax. When releasing your seaman, aim for the girls chin. If this target is it, it will resemble a white beard such as santas, although this beard will be dripping.
Dude Ralph! The other day I was titty fucking your mom, I gave her a hardcore Santas Beard!
by B$ March 28, 2005
When a guy goes down on a girl with a yeast infection, and after she cums his mouth and chin are covered with white lumpy discharge.
I heard Antoinette gave him a Santa's beard.
by uknowhooXX December 18, 2009
after giving a guy a handjob, with his cum on your hand, slap him in the face, and yell SANTAS BEARD!!!
guy- dude my girl Santa's beard me last night, i almost punched her in the throat.

Girlfreind-Hey babe guess what..
Girlfreind- SANTAS BEARD!!
by dylan dudeacle November 28, 2012
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