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When an older man puts one hand on a younger male's knee and slowly slides the hand up toward the groin region over a span of at least 5 minutes, usually making the younger male very uncomfortable. Named after the infamous former Penn State assistant Jerry Sandusky.
Did you see coach last night?

Yeah, he was definitely giving John the Sandy Hand on the bus ride home from the game last night.
by Shitshow Honey Badger January 16, 2012
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A complete utter fail at an attempt to give a handjob.

Also known as salty hand.
Chuck:Dude,did Stephanie give you that handjob she was promising?

Bill:Yeah man, but she had a terrible case of the sandy hand.
by G-Swizzy Gets Busy June 14, 2010
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one gay ass mother fucker who takes it up his left nut at least twice a day while making out with his sister who is really hot. he's super sexy and i dream about him at least twice a day. wet dreams.
Sandy-hands, if you were any sexier you would do it with 4 asians a day.
by patrick wong December 11, 2004
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Find people who could use an extra pair of hands cleaning up Hurricane Sandy Damage.
sandy hands org helps match volunteers with people needing an extra pair of hands cleaning up hurricane sandy damage.
by SandyHandsORG November 05, 2012
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