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A mythical creature, about 6'2 in height with long grey hair and whiskers. Resembles an ugly yeti or sasquatch.
The Sandman lives in the sand dunes near Blackpool. He preys upon males who live and work in the local area, and uses cider to lure them back to his seaweed lair for a strum on his 'guitar'. If the cider trap is unsuccessful The Sandman will just suck off or bum the unsuspecting young men on the sand dunes then slope off on his merry way!
Sandman:- Hello young man, would you like to come back to the seaweed lair to drink cider and play on my twanger?

Young Man:- No thanks, Sandman, i am just walking my dog in the Sand Dunes.

Sandman:- Ok young man, that is not a problem, i will just bum you here. It is dark, secluded and nobody else is around!
by Sprogglebump December 12, 2010
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Sandman is a comic book series written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by various artists.
The protagonist of Sandman is Dream, the immortal anthropomorphic personification of dreams and storytelling. He is known by an array of names, most often Morpheus, but also Oneiros, Lord Shaper, the Prince of Stories, and, rarely, "the Sandman". He is one of a family of seven siblings known as the Endless, each of whom personifies some aspect of reality, such as Death or Desire. ( Example from Wikipedia )
by Enchi October 08, 2005
130 49
A hit man. A person who kills, then moves on with no remorse.
The Sandman is coming to get you...
by ChainGunCharlie November 08, 2006
107 45
Just another ficticious character that parents invented because they believe that they are "Fun for kids." The Sandman is supposedly the person that wisks children away into dreamland by sprinkling sand on their eyes, explaining the children's eye-crust in the morning.
"Mommy, why is there this stuff in the corner of my eye when I wake up?"
"Ummm... Oh! The sandman puts it there sweety."
by Ryoku June 20, 2006
70 34
Similar to the gorilla face, the "Sandman" is the act of receiving a blowjob on the beach, and pulling out right before ejaculation and blasting all over the girls face and making her all cumfaced and stuff...

Then a handfull of sand is thrown it in the girls face so its sticks all over her face and mixes with the jizz and is all nasty and crusty. Then, the ejaculator raises arms triumphantly yells SANDMAN!1!!!arrrrgghhghhhh!!!!!!
Tonya gave me head on the beach last night and I totally gave her a Sandman and made her walk home. Stupid slut.
by ...ryan February 23, 2008
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James ("Jim") Fullington born June 16, 1963 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, better known as The Sandman from Extreme Championship Wrestling. Known to come out from the audience carrying a Singapore cane drinking beer then cutting himself open on the forehead with the can before his match in the ring. A true BADDASS not a wimp body builder/pretty boy you usually see in Wrestling shows . The Sandman is the hardcore wrestling icon and will always be.
"Politically Incorrect, And Damn Proud Of It!" - THE SANDMAN
Joey Styles-Sandman just beat the hell out him with shots from the singapore cane!!!!
by WOLFY MAXIMOFF August 13, 2006
58 47
The last and hopefully biggest blunt of the night. It evens you out clears your mind and puts you to sleep.
goddamn that was a crazy fucking party, twist up a sandman, we'll munch then go to sleep madu. And manana we getting some Cinnabon
by St timmy December 16, 2008
20 14
A devotee to the works of actor Adam Sandler.
The Sand-man went to go see "Spanglish" three times before he realized it was not in Sir Adam Sandler's top tier films.
by Pat Rockinsocks June 11, 2008
5 2