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ONEIROS, a personification of dream, and in the plural of dreams. According to Homer, Dreams dwell on the dark shores of the western Oceanus (Od. xxiv. 12 ). The deceitful dreams would come through an ivory gate, while the true ones issue from a gate made of horn. (Od. xix. 562, &c.) Hesiod (Theog. 212) calls dreams the children for the children of night, and Ovid (Met. xi. 633), who calls them children of Sleep, mentions three of them by name: Morpheus, Icelus or Phobetor, and Phantasos. Euripides called them sons of Gaea, and conceived them as genii with black wings.

Oneiros is a powerfull Mage, (White Mage) ruler of the Dreams and Desires of all mortals.

A great light blinded me, for i was standing before the Ivory Gate. Oneiros stood before me, and i dropped to my knees.
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