A. An slippery person.

Someone capable of slipping past authority or punishments without any seemingly ramifications.

Also, a criminal, typically a hitman, that seems to be uncatchable.
That guy is a fucking sandman!
by Caine Cabal May 27, 2011
(Australian) This is name of a tricked-up version of a panel van (a coupé utility based on a passenger car (as opposed to strictly a commercial vehicle) with a high-roof enclosed tray, with a either a split tailgate/window or barn doors at the rear) sold new by General Motors-Holden (the Aussie arm of GM) between 1974 and 1979 in Australia and New Zealand. These vehicles (in bold colours, complete with gaudy 70s decals) were sold to appeal to the Aussie/Kiwi surf culture, where these said vehicle were not only used as a mobile base for surfin' safaris, but also as a four-wheeled boudoir, where a couple could engage in some horizontal folkdancing or have a cone (bowl). Considered daggy in the 80s, they are these days highly sought after.
"Your missus and Jim were havin' a root in the back of his Sandman"
"Pity it wasn't in an orange one!"
by Bag O'Turnips April 08, 2008
A person, male or female, who temporarily enters a state of sand usually due to inebriation, or a person who is in a permanent state of sand due to their mental disposition.
Warby you are a sandman.
Oh look, there is sandman.
Ste, you're a complete and utter sandman.
Mr sandman.
by nichall May 21, 2008

A mythical creature, about 6'2 in height with long grey hair and whiskers. Resembles an ugly yeti or sasquatch.
The Sandman lives in the sand dunes near Blackpool. He preys upon males who live and work in the local area, and uses cider to lure them back to his seaweed lair for a strum on his 'guitar'. If the cider trap is unsuccessful The Sandman will just suck off or bum the unsuspecting young men on the sand dunes then slope off on his merry way!
Sandman:- Hello young man, would you like to come back to the seaweed lair to drink cider and play on my twanger?

Young Man:- No thanks, Sandman, i am just walking my dog in the Sand Dunes.

Sandman:- Ok young man, that is not a problem, i will just bum you here. It is dark, secluded and nobody else is around!
by Sprogglebump December 12, 2010
The act of masterbating into a cup, and pouring it on one's eyes while they are sleeping or unconscious causing the eyelashes to stick together like cement; may transmit sexual diseases.
"Dude, I just performed a sandman on Gretchen's face. She's not going to be able to open her eyes for a week!"
by ZzImPacTzZ September 12, 2008
Adam Fucking Sandler
"The sandman" played inspiring characters in movies such as: Billy Madison, The Waterboy, and You dont mess with the Zohan
by Big Ry 54 June 09, 2008
When a male blows his load over a female's closed eyelids, then punches her in the side of the head, as to knock her out. Usually, upon awaking, the female's eyelids will be stuck shut.
Soulja Boy Sandman'd dat hoe.
by Quinn Jake June 24, 2007

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