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a blind judgemental asshole
shut up you fuckin sandbox
by numstto October 21, 2007
Often a result from a long day at the beach, a sandbox results from an excessive amount of sand in the box. Other causes may be from mud restling or as a result of a hot new trend. In Europe, women often throw sand in their box in the case of a hot sexual encounter. One can often tell when a girl has a sandbox because when she walks it makes a crunching/grinding sound.
Germaine: "Last night ah tried to hit up that box, cept that it turned out to be a sandbox!"
Dellareese: "Awww shit nigga!"
Germaine: "Ahh don't want no sand in m'a tacos!"
by CockBlocker February 01, 2006
The place where daly got his ass kicked by lazer.
I sure did kick his ass. Hahahahaha kook!
by brian January 12, 2005
The term sand box comes from when you place sand into a vagina. Hence the name, sand box.
There's allot of sand in Nikki's sand box. She could re-sand an entire beach with all that.
by Stephen Williams February 13, 2004
what we should trun into a sheet of glass...
Iraq... need i say more?
by Bill May 19, 2004
when you fuck some girl than throw sand in her cunt
i gave that girl a sandbox and she was very angry
by Adam October 13, 2004