When someone calls you a sandbox they are referring to the term "son of a beach", and the son of a beach is probably a sandbox. So, they are pretty much calling you a little bitch. Tell it to your friends.
Oh my god, Elizabeth is such a sandbox for stealing my boyfriend.
by Sandboxes4Life February 04, 2015
(1) A very dry cunt that always needs a tube-o-lube no matter how much foreplay.
(2) A feminine ailment resulting from sex on the beach.
I was gonna fuck Sally, but she was a real sandbox dude.
by Sandy Cox May 02, 2006
a dickeye.

This term originated from a porno clip from the internet called "kids in a sandbox" where a woman is ramming a large white vibrator into the urethra of her partner. * This term may also be used as fighting words.
example a.
There is a fish in the Amazon River that swims in your sandbox and can't get out, so it is very painful!

example b.
"fuck you in your sandbox!"
by Sarah Logan-Price May 22, 2009
A female who is irritable/angry due to an itchy vagina. Variation on the Cartman quote: "Don't worry about Kyle, he's just got some sand in his vagina"
Kath went off at me for no reason. She's being such a sandbox, it's like a desert down there.
by Stçggs September 11, 2006
n. or adj.

childish behavior of an older person, aka someone acting like a five year old cunt when they are actually not
She was being a huge sandbox when she dropped her ice cream and threw a fit.
by anamses February 22, 2008
Iraq. Big-ass sandy place where the US gov't sends good men to kill bad men.
My cuz is playing in the sandbox right now. His favorite toy is his AR, his least favorite are the IEDs.
by ayemcee November 26, 2007
Sand box
say when a female is giving oral to a guy then he is fingering her ( not eatting her ). when you lay down in the sand it feels good when your penis is in the wet sand ( her mouth ) then your fingers are playing in the sand ( her vagina) its not the 69 it's the sand box.
did you and her do anything last night ? yeah i sand boxed her !

its like the 69 but your not giving her oral.
by the man 789 February 16, 2009

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