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In video games, the act of abandoning/putting off your tasks or quests in order to just screw around with an immersive and in-depth game world. Examples of "sandbox" games are Oblivion, the Grand Theft Auto series, and pretty much every single RPG or MMORPG out there. The opposite of a sandbox game would be a "linear" game.
1. "I'm going to go sandboxing in GTA for awhile."
2. "The best thing about Morrowind is the huge world for sandboxing in."
by gr0nk June 01, 2006
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Describes the art of giving the impression to listen to your boss, convincingly acquiescing and being able to relate prior conversations without letting it affect one's work.

Sandboxed conversations are generally stored in an isolated section of one's memory.

The brain is sometimes referred to as "running in virtualized mode" while sandboxing someone's conversation.
"During our last week's staff meeting I have been sandboxing the whole part where my boss bragged about the features our product shall support"
by box65 May 16, 2009
The act of shoving one's dildo in and out of the pee hole on a man's penis!
"the most fucked up thing ever", the act of sandboxing, sandbox, sandboxer, he's been sandboxed
Used in sentenced:
I have been sandboxing all night.
by sahtan October 13, 2007
Sandboxing refers to the action of having sex on the beach with a girl and immediately after blowing your load scooping a handful of sand and throwing it into her vag
Jack: oh I'm coming! (Grabs handful of sand and hurls it at jills vagina) you are a victim of sandboxing!

Jill: ew! Gross Jack!
by Marine9728 July 19, 2013
intr v, 1. To exhibit signs of having sand in one's vagina. Derived from the noun "sandbox", roughly translating to "sandy vagina."
Bill would get more work done if he would quit sandboxing about working on Saturday.
by j$-allstar June 04, 2010
Childhood skirmishes.
The students were kept after school for sandboxing at recess.
by Semiuseful Magazine August 21, 2008

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