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Usually someone who is amazing at Shooting things and wrestling. He is usually very sexy!
Wow, Samual is a motherfucking hotie!
by CharlotteLove January 08, 2009
a professional alligator wrestler who lives in the dirty south of new mexico. Spends his weekends on his porch chewing tobacco and spitting into a tin can, but weekdays satisfying tourist's curiosity with a display of classic gator wrestling. In his spare time he likes to youtube magic tricks and practice them in the mirror. Samuel's are not afraid to get dirty, messy, smell like shit, and live life on the edge. They like attention and the sweet taste of honey on toast. When naked they spontaneously combust.
tourist-one: What is there to do in this god forsaken desert?
tourist-two: Have you heard of Samual?

tourist-one: No. Why? Is he some sort of magician?

tourist-two: Only in his spare time. He is a gator wrestler.

tourist-one: Damn, lets go see him wrestle!
by ~Coocher~ October 12, 2013
samual (serious-sam)

a quick insult for someone who is being moody or taking something to serious for your liking.
Alex: mate i think we should go home now its getting dark

chris: chill out samual


Alex: mate i think we should go home now its getting dark

Chris : mate why do you always have to be such a samual?
by the benzmiester June 30, 2009
A but ugly gas person who has the hots for a girl called Jenny dixon, also acts quite like a sheep
Samual is a sheep
by No199 May 30, 2009
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