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Food of choice for FOBs and ABCDs alike. Spicy potatoe wrapped in spicy outer laying. Usually an appetizer.
Rajiv: Oh Parvinder yar, the samosas are boiling it up in here! FOBULOUS!

Parvinder: Thats right! Increase the volume please!
by Zam January 18, 2004
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Indian savory pastries filled with curry, generally potato curry. Quite possibly the most perfect things ever created by humankind, they are a treat for all occasions and a cure for all ills. Well, except violent gastrointestinal upset due to overconsumption, and we won't do that again now will we? Needless to say, they're radtastic.
Sometimes when I try to imagine what God looks like all I see is a samosa.
by Emperor Kayl April 08, 2008
a very nice curry treat which my ancestors loved for ages. we still cook it for maharajah temple cermemonies .. very good, i suggest you try it
my brother cooked one damn good samosa today...
by Navdeep September 26, 2006
Another word for a nice ass.
"Wow that is a nice samosa. I want that."

"i was in the club gettin alot of samosa on the dance floor."

"My girlfriend has a nice samosa."
by Neel Vora January 10, 2006
A samosa is a dumb Indian IT worker.
That call center worker is a f'ing samosa
by unam August 13, 2010

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