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One of the top ranked institutions of higher learning in the world, presently ranked as 1st in Canada, 1st Public University in North America, and 12th University in the World. It boasts and incredible Faculty, noted especially by it's world leading Faculties of Medicine (comprising the McGill Health Center), Law, Music (the Schulich School of Music), Science, and Arts.
The McGill student is one who is able to balance work, play and networking. They are at the top of their classes, and look forward to an inspiring and exciting future.
"HARVARD"- America's McGill.
These are the T-shirts McGill sells during their EPIC frosh week. SOOOOO true. Gotta love McGill University.
by paul42424912 January 01, 2009
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McGill is the dumping ground for kids that got rejected by better American schools.

McGill students are usually unbelievably pompous for getting into such a unimportant and inferior Canadian public university.

With 32,00 kids barely supported by a meager endowment and scanty staff size, you would be better off to save your money and go somewhere closer by.

There is no money in Canadian athletics. If you're good, you go to the U.S. If you're shitty, you play for free at McGill.
Bottom Line: play intramurals somewhere close by.
Chad: Hey, I got into McGill University.

Dave: Wow *sarcasm*... So what U.S schools rejected you?

Chad: All of them.

Dave: I thought so...
by THEtopGUY May 15, 2010
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A safety school in Quebec. Seriously - my dog could get accepted. A degree from McGill means you have the qualification to wipe the shiny asses of graduates from other, better Canadian schools. Speaking of graduates, for the ones McGill the minority are not virgins.

The school's unofficial motto is: when life goes downhill, come to McGill!

If McGill is your only option, kill yourself. Really. Your life is worthless at that point. The colossal waste of money and brain cells will have you wishing you spent more time reading in high school and less time huffing highlighters. My advice to admitted students is to empty a bottle of pain-killers and hope "mornin' don't come".

There is a dark reason why McGill students delude themselves into thinking they're going to a "prestigious" or "good Canadian school". The student body needs to face the facts (and some have) that McGill is a weak public school - shittier than most places like Univerisy of Toronto, Queen's, McMaster, UBC, Waterloo, and nowhere close to any of the top American schools. (By the way, if you ever hear a McGill student compare themselves to an American school, punch them in the face. Stupid motherfucker.) In sum, you fail at life if you go to McGill.
Coby: I guess this is better than going to McGill University.
*Kicks chair from underneath him*
by McGillDouche April 18, 2011
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