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This is used to refer to software that is bought off the shelf with little or no customization.
We were going to build our own inventory management software from scratch, but then John pointed out a shrinkwrap that would do everything we needed and more.
by Dewie December 20, 2004
When an individual or group of individuals eventually 'sells out'.
"Dude, you guys are slowly going the way of the buffalo".
by Dewie February 24, 2005
Me mistyping "snail". I use the word "snail" alot, considering I am one.
by Dewie October 16, 2004
Sambo is one of the coolest dorks out there. She is almost as 1337 as me, and much 1337er than you. Sambo is irritable and may attack if approached. Keep her away from sharp objects, lighters, the sticky hard round things that fall off of gumtrees that hurt when you throw them, and high amounts of caffeine. Also, the cardboard lady.
"Sambo likes ice cream a little too much"
by Dewie September 19, 2004

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