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An international man of mystery. Where is he from? Nobody knows. How many languages does he speak? Impossible to count them all. He's a modern nomad--you never know when or where you'll cross paths. But one thing is certain, the attraction will be instantaneous. Tall, dark, handsome, and smart as a whip; be mindful of your drooling. And as for matters of the heart, there too he is skilled. A few kind words, a smile, and that gaze, and you'll want to tell him every secret you've ever kept. He's a rare bird, this one. Should you ever experience him firsthand, count yourself one lucky girl!
Me: "I just had the strangest dream...I could've sworn I met a Sambo. But that's impossible. Sambos are urban legend..."

Sambo: "Everything is going to be okay. You've just fainted..."
by SincerelyYourLits February 28, 2013
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