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A very sweet name for a girl. Samanda's usually have very hot tempers.
A person: Hi Samanda!
Samanda: HI! grr...
#sam #an #da #saman #da.
by Amandamk March 07, 2009
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A girl who thinks she is really unique and fun to be around. Takes things way to seriuosly. Probably plays in an orchastrah, most likely viola. May be a nij-coon. Center for many knock-knock jokes. Possibly Manish. Very un social
Person 1: Knock Knock
Person 2: Who's there?
Person 1: Samanda
Person 2: Samanda Who?
Person 1: Samanda plays the viola!
Everyone: Hyuck Hyuck Hyuck
#dumb #viola #dork #stupid #man #name #girl #raccoon
by U MAD BRO?? July 05, 2011
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