Mass-Geonocidle Maniac. Usually of Australian or German background. Likes such mechanised equipment as Military Grade weaponry and explosives. Enjoys murder and generally makes jokes about killing and mutilating corpses. Sam's have a tendency to be racist and highly discriminative as well as homicidal.

However, some Sam's do have an attractions to members of the opposite races.
"Adolf Elizabeth Hitler was a Sam"
"Joseph Stalin was a Sam"
"Chopper Ried was a Sam"
by SWAG.SWAG.SWAG.SWAG May 29, 2012
A shortened version of Sams Chicken. A well known fast food shop all over London. Most known for their famous '2 2' 2 chicken burgers and chips for 2 pound.
Person A: 'Im bare hungry, what we gonna eat fam?!'
Person B: ' Come lets go hit up Sams'
by londongyalxxx May 16, 2010
Sexually Active Mongoose
an ethiopian squirrel peasent derived from a family of birds that prey on young malasian prostitutes for their gypsy magic and unrelentless wisdom
another definition for sam is short as in small or not tall
"hmmmmmmm sam?"
by Girtruid Measure November 10, 2008
A mexican person who is relatively dumb, or a racial slur for mexican people.
White Kid:Hey S.A.M. what's up?
S.A.M.:Shut up asshole, I ain't stupid you cracka.
White Kid:Ok S.A.M.
by Johnny Cockex November 06, 2007
a really really incredibly massive pimple normally around the nose area
'omg i have a huge sam coming up' :(
by tissueelephant May 03, 2010
A common name for either a girl or a boy, usually used in english text like John Doe, Tom Dick and Harry to describe a nameless person but applies to both Male and Female rather than just male."
"Any word on our missing Sam"

"It could be any Sam here."
by Chad Pentenville October 25, 2007
the most amazing and gorgeous blerd on the planet :)
i love you so much, i always will <3
by avagambvager September 08, 2011
A common name given to women with an extreme sexual craving. (Whore) They are usually found walking the streets, either in search of chick or dicks. The name "Sam," is derived from the english word, "Sample." This is because many dicks are "sampled" before she settles on just one. These "women" are often are raised out of Manchester, NH.
That Sam has fucked the whole town. When do you think she will settle down?
by HollaAtYaGwalla January 20, 2010

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