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Pretty much a lad.
"Hey timmy salad"
'Oh hey there sim salad, how u going"
"yeah good, ur a lad"
"yeah no shit, its in my name"
Tim's a lad = Tim salad.
by Tim salad August 24, 2009
14 51
The salad is the anus. It is used in reference with the act of licking one's anus. Toss the salad.
She offered grape jelly to me when I was tossing her salad.
by Ty December 19, 2004
308 380
A word used to fill an awkward silence in an uncomfortable situation.
Girl: Your hot, wanna make whoopy?
Guy: ................salad
by Adam Hobbs May 14, 2008
65 253
The food which, if you put it into a dog's bowl, it will walk away.
When the vegetarian with her salad asked me if I knew how my steak died, I said "Yeah, you fucking starved it to death!".
by Choda Boy 57 August 23, 2006
82 298
a person's hair (usually a man's) or hairstyle
Hey man, I think you are going pull all kinds of bitches tonight! Your salad looks great!
by J.D.O. April 02, 2008
22 250
A term used for a bowl that has more than one drug in it at once. A mix of drugs being smoked at the same time.
"pack a nice salad"
by FontE November 05, 2003
69 300
mixing different types of weed in a blunt or mixing weed and hash.
She mixed dro and dirt in a blunt so it would stop going out due to the moisture of the dro.
by Jacki March 22, 2003
53 286