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A sweet, thoughtful, and caring Indian girl. She can be very emotional, but very attached to family and others. She always puts people she cares about before herself. She has a beautiful disposition and gorgeous eyes. She is dazzling, inside and out. She is too good for many guys that are smitten with her, and needless to say many guys ARE smitten with her. She is ready to help and talk to anyone with a problem. She is the chillest girl to crack jokes with, but most importantly, anyone who has her for a friend is one of the luckiest people in the world.
If you have been even half as good as a Sahana, then you have been a great friend indeed.
by Monica N. December 30, 2010
the most beautiful, perfect girl in the world. she is hilarious, yet is a great friend. one is very lucky to know a Sahana and ever luckier to have her as a close friend.
John: Hey who is that girl? She looks amazing.
Sarah: Thats Sahana. Shes out of your league.
by izzzjohnnn October 24, 2011
A wacky Indian girl with wicked long hair. She is very proud of her race and generally avoids gingers. Although she can be very funny, she has a kind of mean sense of humor.
Sahana thinks Ashton Kutcher is super hot.
by Moosecaboose September 04, 2011

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